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This blog is really an introduction to video evidence for the European Court of Human Rights. It shows the former property that I lived in before the council moved me to my current location.

URL for youtube video

Why the heck did I ever move to that little shxx hole, well it was all I could afford in the private sector at the time, on my slide along that downward spiral, as they like to call it. I had the ground floor rear of the building consisting of one room 6 by 10 foot, and a bathroom and kitchen on suite, i.e. a cupboard room for a kitchen and not enough room to swing a cat toilet n bathroom.

Eventually I did the ole lets top myself thing, and was unconscious from Monday to Friday, when lo a behold I was back in this shxx kicking world. Ever since then I have never been quite the same as I was prior to that experience.

But ever since I have been questioning, questioning and questioning. That is the property that the water company claim I owe them money on, because when I found out what their annual income was £1,200 per annum I stopped paying the water charge. I’ve owned a four-bedroom house in my time, and the water charge for that was a quarter of this one. What that combined charge is now after nearly nine years of Annual Increases doesn’t bear thinking about.

At the time I was whooshing along the downward spiral, there was a vulnerable adult living on the ground floor front, and a pensioner who used to like to sing ‘I’m blinking stinking’ above me, until the landlord moved him and her to another of his properties, and ‘coughing billy stomper’ moved in above. He had issues as well.

So that’s three of the tenants all Vulnerable Adults living on minimal incomes, paying over the odds for their water. In Dwr Cymri’s booklet reasons to get a meter. A charge of £1,200 at that time equated to 12 people living on high usage. There never were 12 people living there. The maximum during the six years I lived there, was 7 and that was only for limited spells, as the new tenants came and went.

Oh and 9 years later the water company is still taking money out of my benefit for those couple of years that I didn’t pay, amazing isn’t it. I wonder what the rateable value of that property was prior to it being subdivided and what would the total water charge be for it then?

If any of the great and good had ever bothered to investigate any of this on my and your behalf, maybe I would be able to tell you now. I have shown on other blogs related to this issue, what the difference in the charge in this current social housing property is compared to a neighbour living in a NON-DIVIDED property, because of some frigging nitwit of a Rateable Valuer refused to make the combined RV that of a NON-DIVIDED property.

Mr. Rhodri Morgan and the whole of the Welsh Assembly think that’s fine, think that’s dandy, think that’s the way it ought to be. Well all they are doing is aiding and abetting the water company in excessively profiting out of properties such as this one.

Sorry about the sound quality of the video, but I think this covers about all what is said on that video. Who knows they might get so scared of seeing my ugly mug on them they might actually start to deal with the issues. Whose they Crazydave, why the Usual Suspects that’s who. The so-called Great and Good.

Hey Mr. Richard Evans why don’t you get the BBC’s Ferret to check it out now ????
Or are you to up to your neck in slime with Rhodri Morgan to deal with the subject.

Here is the video URL

all those to let properties in the Cathay’s area of Cardiff City. The student population of the university used to rent these properties, but now that they have the new village up by Tesco Extra all these have become surplus to requirements. But oh haven’t the private landlords made a killing over the last 30 years Crazydave. Oh yes, all because those highly intelligent professors couldn’t get their act together so that these properties were owned by the university.

Now do these letting agencies own the properties after all, aren’t estate agents the first to know when a property comes on the market, or are they just factors for private individuals who have bought into the dream of being a property millionaire, the kind Mr. Russ Whitney likes to promote in his classes. So not only are the tenants going to pay the owner of the property, the rent has to include the agents management fee as well. So that the landlord will not have to get involved in all that dealing with the tenant stuff, just count the reddies in their bank accounts.

What’s the result? Higher than necessary rental’s. Its my belief that all these properties should really be compulsory purchased, on behalf of the people of the city so that they can enjoy lower rentals than they are going to be paying these letting agencies.

Public private partnerships I can hear the ‘lets swindle these turkey’ people baying. Yeah well tell me how much in Housing benefit payments are all these letting agencies getting, all because the council are to brain dead to accept its responsiblity for housing. Its been £15 million a year in Cardiff, that’s right £15 Million of tax payers money going to make these property millionaires.

What capital assets does the government have to show for that annual spend on housing, sweet F.A. Crazydave. Now they claim they have legislative requirements that force them to pay this money, all because they have never had the courage to say, ‘Achem, isn’t what we are doing gross financial mismanagement?’ But then the council would ideally like to divest itself of all responsibility for social housing, would like to have that public private partnership going to the property millionaire crew. You can see what the Top Ten private landlords are getting from my previous blog on this topic, and still the Welsh Assembly government have done nothing to stop it or the scamming water companies.

They will only change their ways, and a fair equitable rent for the good of all come when you people start to pressure them through the courts, about the way they do business. How many are flats rather than whole houses for families??? How many are like the property in the first video, that has five so-called flats where the BBC like to demand five licences from????

We demand that they are RE-DESIGNATED SHARED HOUSES, after all isn’t that what they really are. Former houses, that are now shared, and an end to this rip off of their being designated as Flats. Especially as they are mostly tenanted by the have not’s of this world, low income, or benefit claimants tenants. All systematically fleeced. There are five service charges by the utilities on the property I formerly lived in, when the service arrives at the front door as one house, sub-divided inside, which is the domain of Transco, not the electrical supply company. P.S. do you think that the private landlord in the property shown ever had RENT REBATES on his accounts for all the Housing Benefit claimants he housed? your right no, no, oh no!!!!!

Vulnerable Adults Just Cash Cows for the Professional Elite.

So that reasonable rents are the order of the day, and all these properties are reclaimed as social housing, and that means out of the hands of the council unless the manner in which they keep their RENT REVENUE ACCOUNT IS CHANGED.

Love n Light from Crazydave.

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STREET ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and finally today some of the beautiful street art in Cardiff, pity the council doesn't employ these guy's to work with the community so that the kids have a go on the subways at Gabalfa interchange, eh Mr. Chairman of the Council??????


On the email to the usual suspect today I have written the following because it is worthy of note:

Hi you all, I see that the jonathan morgan blog had you all clicking on youtube, 29 hits within 30 minutes of my sending the emails, pity you didn't all do the same with all the other video links sent you. I wonder if you will do the same with this video evidence for the echr? Or ask the questions raised in the blog of the Welsh Assembly, where you the media have failed so far to do???

They weren't so eager to view the NHS dentistry sucks video were they Crazydave. Oh no those still have only 8 nd 11 respectively today where as Mr. jonathan Morgan has 46 hits as of today, I wonder why the difference??????????????


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